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Take Of your Expansion Chamber And LPC and look at the air hole.Kinda Small huh? In the world of Co2 size does matter and thats why there is exansion chambers and bigger tanks. But anyways get out the trusty rusty power drill and put a 3/16" drill bit in it. And now drill from the bottom in to the hole and make it larger. If you want drill 2 or even 3 just dont drill through the pin to open you tank thats in the middle.--- The result of this mod.Higher air flow.You can now do the same thing to the hole in the bottom of your expanison chamber and the fittings for your steel braided line.


Bolt Mod

Take you Spyder apart and look at the bolt. See the thing that looks like a revolvers cylinder that little piece of scientific know-how is called the venturi. It was put in paintball guns starting in the late 80's to help evenly distribute air to the whole paintball thus resulting in less chops. The outcome of the modern marval was actually it slowed air down and didnt work. You get the same amount of chops with the venturi in as you do when its out. In fact most aftermarket "high flow" bolts dont even have one.

 For this mod you need a pair of needle nosed pliers and a lighter. Remove all of the O-rings from the bolt and look from the into it. You should see a metal pin-like rod that runs through. That is where the venturi is threaded on. Now look in the rod from the end and take the pliers and grasp the venturi.While holding on to it tke the lighter and heat the rod that runs through the middle. The purpose of this step is to heat up and loosen any loctite (thread lock) that maybe holding it together.CAUTION if you havent noticed the bolt will get hot.Know simply turn the pliers counter-clockwise till it unscrews...Result is higher flow and which enables you to run lower pressures.



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